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翟爽 Candy

Today we went to the West Lake . We rode the boat and saw a lot of lotus. We had lunch at a different restaurant. The food was very delicious. In the middle of our trip a boy from my team catched a gecko. But in the end the boy gave it back to the nature. We were happy that he let the lizard go. In the evening we talked about the gecko. So we must protect animals. I think, right?


Today I finished my breakfast, we went to sidewalk next to the West Lake and we sit on the boat. After the boat trip finish sitting the boat we went to the restaurant for the lunch. Finish the lunch we went to the Carrefour to buy some things. We bought so many things to eat, then when we finished buying things we came back for the dinner. Finish the dinner, I took a bath. Finish taking a bath, I had an English class. After finished with the English class, I went to sleep.



Today, I ate breakfast. When I finished my breakfast I went to visit a lake, called West Lake ! I saw many things, for example a tower and then we went on a boat. Afterwards we went to have lunch, the lunch was so yummy. We went shopping and then we went to the lake again. We walked on the sidewalk and it was really long. We walked and walked, then we went to hotel and had dinner.


彭泓铭 Paul

Today, we went to a civiliced place in Hangzhou – Western Lake . I enjoyed talking to my friends. I am very happy!


洪浩天 Sky

Today I went to West Lake . On the boat, I said “hot hot”. I hate the island so. I first was not happy today! But when I came back to the hotel I was happy again. It was a funny day!!



Today we went to a park and rode a boat and walked around the park. Then we came back to the hotel. Then we had dinner, English class, making notes class.



Today we went to the Western Lake . I bought some



Today we went sightseeing in Hangzhou . We saw the Lotus Lake , rode the boat and walked around on the island. I saw a boy that was trying to catch the lizard and he placed it in the plastic box. I tried to stop him but he just ignored me, but at least he let it go. We also went to the supermarket to buy presents for our parents and friends.


田雨 Wesley

Today I went to the Western Lake . On the way there we saw many beautiful flowers and lotuses. After a while, it got really boring. So some of us started a race to the end of the road. In the end, I finished in 4 th place. We were really hyped up because of the overload of candy and sugar. Tomorrow I am going to Shanghai and I hope it will be even better.



Today we went to buffet breakfast as usual (you should know). Then we went to Western Lake – a very famous lake in Hangzhou . First we went on a boat, from one side of the lake to the other side of the lake. Then we raced to the bus to get to the restaurant. In the afternoon we went back to the hotel. Take for a little fun and went to the supermarket too.



Today, we went to West Lake . We took a boat across the lake and I almost dropped my iPod in the lake!!! I have every single song in there that I love!!! We saw some lillys (my Chinese name). They were very beautiful, some were taller than me!

Then we went to 白堤 , it is a place that makes us remember a famous poem writer, the background is beautiful (fabulous).



Today we went to the West Lake . The West Lake was very beautiful. We took a boat. W e saw Leitend Tower and some buildings. They are very ancient. After lunch I bought some presents for my parents. I think they will be happy. What a happy day!


张桓建 Joe

Today, I am happy! I go to West Lake to play. We can go to buy and visiting. And then we go to Carrefour shop.


翁世之 Joy

Today is my third day of my summer camp. I′m not very happy, because I picked up a lizard. And my teacher was sad. The lizard was not happy too. So I returned it to nature. Now my teacher is happy. We go to the West Lake . The lake is very beautiful. Some dragonflies are on the lake. Air is clear. I like West Lake .



Today we went to West Lake . West Lake is very big and nice. I liked it very much. But I don′t like the sun. So today I am very very hot. And today we go to the BaiDi the rode is long. But it is beautiful. And it is hot too. Oh! Today I felt terrible.



We went to the west lack today . It's so hot that I can't really pay attention to seeing the view of it. Besides this is my second or third time I have gone there, so it's boring.



Today is Monday. The weather is hot. We went to the Westlake by bus. I am very happy, too. The Westlake is very beautiful. After lunch we went shopping in a supermarket. After shopping we came back to he hotel. I am very tired. Tomorrow we are going to Shanghai . I am very excited.



Today I am so happy because I go to the west lake. I went to the sudi and baidi. I saw a lot of views and bridges. The sun is shining, I am sad.

Today is Monday. It is very hot. After breakfast we went to the west lake. It is beautiful. I like it. Do you like it?

Today the sun is very hot, so I go to the shopping. I can see. I like this. I am happy!



Adela 牧晗之

Today morning we played many games, for example passing the hula hoop, standing on the mat, etc. The most exciting and important part of today is in the afternoon We took the bus to an protect area for army training. We got helmets and jackets that have some sensors on them.

When you are shot, the alarm set will alarm you and you will lose one of your life. This was a very exciting game and I learned to co-operate with my team-mates. That's all!:) Bye!:)



Today we had a breakfast buffet that was quite good. WE were playing a kind of race, where we walked in a circle of paper and tried not to break the paper.

We also tried to be the first to get past the finish line. The other part was most fun, because we had a laser game. It was a laser war with guns. There are 12 dots on each person and we tried to shoot the dots on the people of the other team. What a funny day!



Today we went to a park and we played the Second World War “ China versus France ”. Then we were playing crazy games and then we ate dinner. Then we had English class and making notes. I enjoyed today and it was fun!!!!


Paul 彭泓铭

Today me and Nikey went to play CS. Me and Nikey first made up team. In the end we finally won. What a fun today!



Today, in the morning, we had to wake up at 7: 3 0. It was so annoying, because last night our English class finished at 9:00. Then we went to a big space to play games: we used big posters and taped them to form a circle. Then we started racing! And guess what?! MY TEAM WON!

After that we went to a park, we started a war (student war 1)! It is a game, you had to put on soldiers clothes and get a gun. On the clothes there are electric red lights, you are suppose to shoot the red lights. You only have three lives and if all three lives are gone the clothes will let out a sound that is a person killed. It′s so loud that it almost killed my ears! Then after that, we just had dinner and started English class.


Sky 洪浩天

Today I fought with guns. I rought with other people. If we win and I am happy! If I lose I am angry! So I want to win, but today I have lost. It was funny!


Hilary 刘蕴涵

In the morning I went to eat breakfast. When I finished breakfast I went to play many games. Then I went to eat lunch. Then I went to the Xi Xi Park to play gun. Then I came back to the hotel to learn at class, I have two classes. One is in the room 1520, one is in the room 1612. I am very happy in the class, because I learn many things. We are so tired.


Morgan 吕泓樟

Today is the best day of my life! Why? First we could choose what we want. Second we had a gun fight just like Jacks birthday. Jack is my friend in Y Kpao school. Third at lunch we had ice tea. Fourth we played very funny games. Nellie, Joe, Justin and I sneeked out and in out and in …..



Candy 翟爽

Today morning, we had breakfast at eight o′clock. Then we met at the second floor. We played a lot of games. In the afternoon, we wore some special clothes. Then, the coach told us instructions and we were divided into 2 groups. After a long time we were all tired. Suddenly there were two thunders and we all quickly ran back to the bus. In the evening, we had two lessons again. We were happy today!



Today I ate so chubby breakfast, and I finish my breakfast I went to the meeting room to play some games with my friends. I am very happy!

Then I ate my lunch. After that I go to my room to watch TV. Then I go to play the gun in the park. I wore an army jacket, it was so hot - very hot. I finished playing the gun, I came back to eat the dinner. Then I went to my teacher's room (Jerry), playing my phone game and then I come to have an English class. Then I finished the class I go to sleep.




Today is my second day of my summer camp. I am happy today. I am going to shooting by gun. We wear a coat and a hat. We have three lifes. In the evening I have t wo hour s English lesson. I caught a dragonfly. It's yellow. I am so happy.



Today, we were in the park. The park's name is Xi Xi Wet Park. Xi Xi Wet Park is very beautiful. In the park we played with guns. We had to shoot each other!




I think we are lucky today, because the weather became colder. When we arrived the Wet Park and we had several shooting competitions. That was really exciting.



Today is the second day here at this CTVE leadership training summer camp. As I am writing this diary, I feel extremely tired after the exciting gunfight in the Xi Xi wetlands. Our groups went into the wetlands and played a battle of the laser tag just like the one we played at the park. Even though we did not do the sightseeing that we were supposed to do, I feel extremely happy today. I hope I will experience the some excitement tomorrow.



Today we went to Xi Xi Park to play. We were shooting, it was very interesting! But we lost, so I am sad!



Today I am happy! I am going to Xi Xi Wet Park shooting. After that moment it's hot, it's not cool. After we finished, we went to the bus.



I got up at 7:15 today. I played some games in the morning. After lunch I went to Xi Xi Wet Park. I shot guns with my friends. I failed but I was very happy. I had a good time. In the evening I had a nice dinner. What a happy day!



Today I am not very happy, because I “ fight ” with my friends. It was terrible. Today it′s hot, so I feel hot today. I helped my friends to wear a helmet. I put my helmet on my head and wear the vest. At last, we lost. I am sad. Tomorrow we will go to the West lake. I hope it is not very hot.



Are you happy? I am happy! Put on pants today. Took a bus go XIXI shi di play shoot. It was very fun! Tomorrow we will go to west lake! Today I was very happy.


Today I got up early, because of the air-condition. Its too cold. In the afternoon, we went to a place with so many trees. We went there for playing electronic gun. Its fun and exciting.


陈信宇 Bill

Today I am happy. Because I played games and use the toy gun. We use the toy gun. I have a gun. This is my first time have gun I am happy.



Today we were in the park and use the toy gun to fight.

First we wore the heavy and vest then took the toy guns. Game began, we divided two group, I was in the second group. But we usually lost, we were sad. But we were exciting too.

I like to play the toy gun.



Today I am very happy. Because we went to XIXI wet park. We played shooting games. Enemies are smart. We are angry. But we are very happy and exited. This day I am very tired.



I think we are lucky today, because the weather became colder when we arrived the wet park. And we used several shooting competitions. That's really exciting.



田雨 Wesley

Today I arrived at the CTVE summer camp hotel in the heaven Hongzhou. I experienced many fabulous activities today. I liked the activities all the same and the food was pretty good. I was hoping we would do some sighteeing. But I still had fun. I met many new people and I hope to make some new friends tomorrow. Overall I felt that today was very similar to the Nanbei hu field trip I had at school.



I am very happy. My mother is a nurse, she is busy. And my father is a boss. He is busy too. I like them very much.

Today I am going to Hangzhou . I know there is a west lake in Hangzhou , it is very big and beautiful. I make a lot of good friends. They are friendly. I feel so good and happy. We are play hide and seek. In the bus, I can see many tall trees and nice flowers.


贾涵忠 Joseph

today we were hiding and chasing running and making games. I really enjoyed today. It was fun. I played with Jastin Morgan and Nellie.



Today I set in the bus to the summer camp, I cried, because I remembered my aunt. So I cried, but I got a friend with Hilary and Annie, so that I didn't cry anymore, then I came here. I am very happy I have friends, then, I finished my lunch.

I went to the meeting room playing games with many people, it's so much fun! After eating my dinner, I took bath, then I come to have an English class, after the class I will go to bed.



Today when I finished my breakfast, I will go to the people's square to see every bad. The driver was driving for 3hours, to go to the hotel. I make 3 friends, they are Chubby, Annie. We played many many games. One is the turtle and crow. I really like to play that. But we ate lunch first, when we finish playing, we go to room to learn English, we learn two classes, one is in my room, one is in other 3people's room. I really like today, because I am very happy.



This is the first day I take the summer camp. I played some games. I am happy. I have a good day.


贾涵莲 Nellie

Today we went to Hangzhou in a bus for about two hours and a half. When we got there, we took our room cards and guess what! Me and Joe was sharing a room and Justin and Morgan was sharing a room with an adult, but we weren't on the same floor. We put our stuff in our room and went downstairs to have lunch. We had three groups and all four of us was in group three. Justin had to sit on a separate table because he is allergic to nuts. Now we are having English class.

This is already a good start for a long holiday! Love it!


吕泓儒 Justine

Self introduce,

Hello my name is Justin. I am seven and a half. I come from YK pas school. I like reading books especially Harry potter and Narnia. I also like soccer. I was born in America but I don't really know what it's like there because I was only there when I was a baby. I hope to be a scientists. Thank you.

Today is the first day of camp. We had fun throwing mat at each other. Nellie Joe Morgy and I played hiding behind things. So we won't be found not singing, trying to stick a sticker on the others back and playing pen-tego. What a day!


Morgan 吕泓樟

First I like chasing.

Second I like hiding a way from the teachers.

Third eating ice.

Forth writing about being a <FOOD STEELER>

Fifth watching the famous.

But most of all we had lots of fun!





This afternoon me and my friends Nikey played together in Hangzhou . We played “police catch thief” catch person and many other activities.

Tonight me and my friend Nikey learned English together and watched TV. We had lots of fun.



Today I am happy because it is our first day. I went into my bedroom it's beautiful. I put my bag in my bedroom and then I went to eat lunch. The lunch is not good but it's not very bad. After the lunch I went to F3 played games. After the games I watch TV in the bedroom. When I finished watching I came here. What a nice day.



Today I started my summer camp. We first arrived at Hongzhou at 11: 20 in the morining.

Then we ate our lunch and went to a meeting room on the second floor. We got our summer camp uniform and did some ice-breaking games.

I got in one room with Ms Natalia, she has black and curly hair.

I went to Ms Freya's room at 6:55pm for studying English and at room1520 for English again. We shared with everyone what we did today too.

I think today is a great beginning and I look forward to the rest seven days.



Today I am very happy and exciting. Because I played many interesting games and made a lot of mew friends. Today's games I have a lot of things. I said goodbye to my mother until I'm writing the diary, always be excited. I believe through this summer camp I can make more friends.

今天我非常开心和兴奋,因为我玩了很多有趣的游戏和交到了许多新朋友。今天的游戏让我学到了很多,从今天早上与妈妈挥手告别到现在我写这篇日记 , 一直在兴奋与激动里。我相信通过这次的夏令营我能交到更多的朋友。



Today I am very happy! I am in the bus go to the Hangzhou . I have a new friend, I play toy with her! We are very happy!




Today is the summer camp's the first day and today is exciting.

We went to Hongzhou today. Hongzhou is beautiful. First we went to hotel and having a rest.after that we had many activities. I like the English class best. We are having self introduction. We have much fun too.

The summer camp is happy. I like summer camp.



Today we were playing games. In these play games, I liked playing singing and windy game. The most my roommate is very cool. I am very happy. I am very tired. I want to go to sleep.



Today morning, we took the bus to Hangzhou .

We ate lunch when we arrived at half past twelve. Those food were very delicious, I ate a lot.

In the afternoon, we played a lot of games with the teachers. We played and sang songs…

In the evening, we went to the teacher's room. We introduced ourselves and taught us many things about English.

I am looking forward to the rest of the summer camp.



My name is Wendy. I am from Qidong. I am very excited. I see six beautiful English teachers. I am play some game. I have a new good friend. Her name is Lulu.



Today I came to Hangzhou . We haven't see many very buildings. And there are really many green plants and beautiful flowers beside the streets. The air is both very fresh!

I am very happy to see that!

In the afternoon, we play many games, it makes me very tired. But I take many good friends. They are all very friendly and kindly. Tomorrow we will to play something very exciting. I think that will be really very nice tomorrow.


Today is Saturday in the morning I got up early. Because I was so exciting. But when I got on the bus, I was sad. There are so many little children. It was too crazy. I slept all the time on the bus. In the afternoon we played some games. Almost children plays fun this afternoon, but I didn't. I think it was boring. At night I helped group member write diary. I think tomorrow will be more interesting and exciting.



Today I come to this summer camp. I am very happy. Today I met a person called 田雨 and Wei. I hope tomorrow will be more happy.



Today is Saturday, the weather is sunny. My mood is very happy. I enjoy the summer camp. In the morning I went to Hangzou by bus. We arrived in Hangzhou at 12o'clock. I lived in a hotel. We played a lot of game. I enjoy the game. I feel tired and very happy.



Today is Saturday. Today morning I was enjoy the summer camp. Today morning I came to Hangzhou by bus at twelve o'clock we arrived to Hangzhou in the afternoon playing games. I am happy.



It is the first day in the morning, a bus took me to beautivip彩票大厅